Jailbreak PS4

Jail-breaking your PS4 will allow you to unlock and experience its true exercise potential.!


No need to burn Games anymore, Just put the Game on a Hard Disc and It's Ready to Play!

No Boundaries

Use Mods, Emulators and other Third Party software. The possibilities are endless!

Save Money

Save Money that you spend on Games and Softwares.

Required Firmware

Currently jailbreak/homebrew can be installed on all PlayStation 4 (PS4) Official Firmware Versions.
Download Now before its too late!

Easy To Install

You can easily install through USB. See Instructions or visit our blog for tutorials".

Working Games


Easy 3 steps to Jailbreak your PlayStation 4 (For brief tutorial visit our blog)

Setup USB

Create a Folder "SANDERPS4". Inside that folder, create another folder named "EXP".Now extract "PSORBIEXP.PUP" from archive

Safe Mode

Make sure your PlayStation 4 is turned off. Connect your USB device to your PlayStation 4 (PS4), and press and hold the power button for at least 7 seconds. The PlayStation 4 will start in Safe Mode


Select "Update System Software." and follow on-screen instructions. Your PlayStation 4 is now JAILBROKEN!

Meet the Team

Our Jailbreak team removes the software system protections built by Sony. After the removal of this security it is possible to make use of third party software as well as back-ups.

Exploit Details

OS: Orbis
Console: PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Type: Privilege Escalation/Buffer Overflow (allows to run assigned code)
Created on: June 2014

Download PS4 CFW homebrew(jailbreak) and backup manager now and enjoy ultimate gaming experience.